Lachit Borphukan


 Lachit Borphukan:-

    Introduction :-

    Today in my brief article I want to share with you  the story of Assam's legendary hero Lachit Borphukan.

    Lachit Borphukan was one of the greatest hero of the Ahom kingdom. He was a chief army commander whose army were successfully led by him in resisting the imperial expansion of the Mughal Empire in the era 1600s.

    Biography of Lachit Borphukan:-

    Lachit Borphukan

    Lachit Borphukan was born on 24 November 1622. His father's name was Mamai Tamuli and mother Kunti Moran.
    His father was a great commandor of the Ahom army.The ahom kingdom was established in the Brahmaputra Velly which is present Dispur, the capitel of Assam state which is located in eastern India was built first in 1228. The kingdom was periodically invaded by Turkic and Afghan rulers of the Delhi Sultanate and lastly by Mughal Empire.

     The Mughal-Ahom's first battle started in 1665 and continued afterwards.During that time Lachit grew up in.After completing his education in humanities and military strategies Lachit was awarded Soladhara Barua(Scarf-bearer) a modern day equivalent of a private secretary to the dynestry of Ahom.He kept other important positions such as superintendent of the stable of the Royal Horses and superintendent of the Royal guards before he took the charge of the commander of the Ahom Army.
      At that time Lachit took over charge as commander the Mughal captured Guwahati(presently known as Dispur) and had bounded the Ahom's to sign the humiliating peace treaty of treaty of Ghilaijharighat in 1663.

    Battle of Saraighat:-

    Lachit raised the army and the preparation of battle was completed by summer of 1667.His army successfully regained Guwahati from the Mughals.

    Lachit Borphukan

    Nawab Aurangzeb after being identified of defeat at Guwahati sent an expedition ant soldier from Dhaka under Ram Singh.Due to financial and technological inferiority of the Ahom soldiers Lachit applied to gwerilla tactics which successfully merged away from Mughal army.
      Having exhausted all avenues Ram Singh started his way to Guwahati with a naval flotilla in 1671.


    He was an one man army who destroyed the Mughal empire.Lachit died in 1672.
        This year (2022) Govt. of Assam has taken several activities for a duration of seven days for 400th birth anniversary of legendary hero Lachit Borphukan like essay writing,quize compition,debate among students from primary level to university level. Assam's present chief minister Dr.Himmanta Biswasarmah urges every citizen of assam to celebrate gorgeously the 400th birth day of this great legendary hero of Assam.

    Who defeated Mughals many times?

    Answer:- Lachit Borphukan

    How many times Mughals were defeated by Lachit Borphukan?

    Answer:- 17 times

    where is famous Saraighat setu?

    Answer:- In Guwahati (Assam).

    Who was the father of Lachit Borphukan?

    Answer:- Mamai Tamuli

    When did first battle begin between Mughals and Ahoms?

    Answer:- In 1665

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