Learn handwriting.


              Learn handwriting :-


  • This is a handwriting ebook for tiny kids.
  • Children can learn and practice how to write cursive alphabets and numericals.
  • The book is designed for the kids aged group from 3 years to 5years.The book is appropriate for the children who have just started writing.In this book children will get get cursive alphabet writing page also number writing pages.
  • In every page one example is done means one small letter has been shown for the kids for their convenience to learn how to write alphabets in lines.Also some readymade lines are given , where kids will write themselves and practice. In this book 26 alphabets of small letters have been shown in different styles also numbers starting from 1 to 50 has been designed with different patterns. I feel children will love and enjoy this book with a great fun.Parents are requested to help their kids in learning how to write cursive letters in lines. This is a updated designed model book,I hope all of you love my work.

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