Children's ebook i can read (justify the correct word)


  Children"s ebook I can read.

Description:- This is an ebook for the very tiny kids who has just started study. In this book kids can improve and recognising power to identify the objects around them.

      In this book I have made some new designs with some pictures having two different names of a particular picture one is correct another is wrong kids have to identify the correct name of the given picture.


     This is a fun cum creativity book I feel that your child will love my book and my making designs.

Parents are requested to supervise and guide their child to learn the correct name of a perticular object.The pages of this book is graphically designed which i believe that all of you love this book also your children will be enjoyed after reading this book. Please read the all the pages of this and if you love my work then you can directly download my work in your phone or your laptop. 

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