Children's ebook animals world


Children's ebook animals world.


  • Description:-All of us are known to the fact that ebook is nothing but a digital book which can be accessed by mobile, desktop, laptop etc at any where either in home, traveling, office s or parks or any where we like and can enjoy every moment to read it.  The contents of this  ebook is totally based on different types of animals and their habitance.This book is for the tiny kids who has just started writing and reading.In this book children will find various types of animals, which they can recognise and learn.
  • In this book there are different types of animals namely domestic animals,wild animals , carnivorous animals, herbivores animals, aquatic animal and many more with their nature of living means where they are generally found.
  •  Parents are requested to guide their children so that they can properly recognize and understand the correct name of a perticular animal and it's habittance. This book is very funny and general knowledge book for the tiny kids.I hope children and all of you will love my work. The book's interrior is designed completely graphically.All viewers are requested to visit all the designed pages of the book to enjoy it.     


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